IN TUNE WITH SPIRIT 9 weeks program

Date: 3-7-2012


Meditation has been proven to extend your life, create more happiness, increase inner peace, lower stress levels, increase mental clarity, reverse aging and resolve long-standing emotional problems, including fear, anxiety, depression, anger, and substance abuse! Meditation is being used as a cure for specific health related problems including ADD, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression.

With nothing but bad news everywhere you turn (the economy, financial crisis, health scares), people are smothering under a blanket of stress, and meditation is one of the best ways to raise your threshold for stress.

Unfortunately, many people don't have the time (or the patience) to invest the years of practice required to master the art of meditation.

Now, thanks to the practice offered by Sujith, you don't have to. With a 36 year practice in meditation and spiritual growth with renowned Indian teachers, Sujith has made meditation effortless – and even fun - for you to go into states of deep meditation. During these 9 weeks he will also share with you the art, science and wisdom of meditation. And……..you will take away several valuable spiritual tools that you can seamlessly apply in your day-to-day lives.

If you've had trouble meditating, or just want to accelerate (and deepen) your current practice, you can start enjoying the enormous benefits of deep meditation instantly by joining IN TUNE WITH SPIRIT with Sujith.

Join IN TUNE WITH SPIRIT with Sujith to accelerate the meditation process and improve your overall wellbeing. His passion is to make available to people like you the very best and most effective tools and practice to...

Sujith has also agreed to include a bonus guided meditation (in mp3 format) exclusively for IN TUNE WITH SPIRIT participants. To make sure you get this special gift, please subscribe to camilla@bluetempleacademy.com

If you've tried meditation but found it difficult... or, just want to go MUCH deeper, with faster results... or, if you just want to grow and improve your life more quickly, you must join IN TUNE WITH SPIRIT with Sujith.

$12 walk-in
$90 for a 9-week pass.

Tuesday from 6 pm until 7:30 pm.

HOW TO GET THERE: paid parking is available around, the easiest way is by skytrain. Waterfront station in less than 5 minutes walking.

SUGGESTIONS: Dress in a comfortable way. Bring your mat or pillow. Chairs are available.



Where: 55 Water Street, Vancouver ( near Old Spaghetti Factory)

We'll meet every tuesday at 5:50pm in front of the buliding

For more on Sujith, please see his page, or visit www.bluetempleacademy.com and www.maturemasculinity.net.

For information and subscriptions: camilla@bluetempleacademy.com

Price : € 12$ walk i/Person