3-day Retreat 'MASTERY in MASCULINITY', The Netherlands.

Date: 17-11-2012


A three day retreat only for men!

Men, have you ever found yourself wondering...

"How can I access and live my fullest potential?"

"As a man, what is my heart's deepest longing?"

"What does it mean to be my most mature masculine self?"

"How can I be the fullest I can in all walks of life?"




Do you relate to any of the statements below?

"I feel I am unseen for who I truly am"

"I am not respected for the unique gifts and blessings that I possess"

"I seem insignificant or irrelevant in the lives of those around me"

"Everything that I achieve in life takes significant effort and feels worthless once achieved"

"I feel like I have not been given a fair choice on how my life should be lived"

"Things go wrong for me due to no fault of my own"

"My romantic relationships lose its spark soon after its newness is gone"

"My relationships do not inspire me to grow and enrich myself"

"I can't remember the last time I had a real quality conversation"

"I am unhappy and unfulfilled, but I don't know how to fix it"

"I am tired and confused with how my life has been, but I don't know how I want to be"

"Life seems OK, but I have this nagging sensation that there is a deeper meaning to life that I can accomplish"

"I am missing a sense of purpose and direction in my life"

"I feel like my life is caught up in this endless trap of routines"

"I feel I have lost touch with my dreams and who I really am"

 "I know that I am alive, but my life is not lively!"

"My work offers me money, but not meaning"

"My fancy car isn't taking me to where I want to go (in life)"

"I am quite a rich man, but I don't feel rich"

"I have opulence in life, but I lack abundance"

"I deserve a better deal from life, love and work"

"I miss adventure in my life"

"I am too much in my comfort zone"

!These are some typical statements that I played through my life and also have heard over the years from men!

If any of the above statements relate to you, that is evidence that you are not embodying and living your true mature masculine essence.



All the truths that are meant to serve you be your best, all the gifts that you need to flourish in life, and all the power that you need to be your fullest is already contained within you. Your challenge is to unlock it and live it.

MASTERY IN MASCULINITY is an intense and life transforming 3-day offsite (residential) event for you, if you are a man who wishes to live in fulfillment in all aspects of your life. This men-only retreat offers a nurturing, enlightening and motivating space of growth for you.

In this retreat, you will be taken through a series of processes that are powerfully heart-opening, exercises that lead to profound clarity, group work that leads to healing, and wisdom that will shatter many of the myths & stories that keep you chained to your current conditioning.


So join the MASTERY IN MASCULINITY Retreat prepared to be challenged to unravel your current reality and shed the conditioning and patterns that you have acquired through your years of experienced life.

Where: Kleverstrasse 115, 47533 Kleve-Keeken, Germany (on the Dutch-German border)

Fee: €497/ person €397/person (includes accomodation and food as well)

Subscriptions: you can book directly online by following the instructions below.

Informations: simone@bluetempleacademy.com

Price : € 397/Person