Meesterschap in Mannelijkheid en vrouwelijkheid, Antwerpen, Belgium

Date: 26-9-2014


If any of these hold true for you, then join Sujith at Via Via in Antwerp, Belgium.

Every fulfilling engagement between men and women is driven by the play between our sacred masculine and feminine. 

Once we have that intuitive understanding of who we really are as man and woman, all our relationships become wonder-filled. They become joyful, synergistic, and turn into a dance.

During this evening, Sujith will expose some sacred learnings from the ancient Indian teachings and embrace both sides of ourselves. 

This evening is offered on a DONATION BASIS.



Sujith Ravindran is a bestselling author and a master of the spiritual sciences of India. He assists individuals and groups in personal mastery and inner leadership, and is a guide to many leaders in business and politics across North America, Europe and India.

For his work on facilitating personal growth in Italy, he was conferred the honour of AMBASSADOR OF PEACE in Italy. Sujith has a realistic and lighthearted outlook on life and shares his teachings in an eloquent but down-to-earth way.

Watch a video of Sujith here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjGMXFw3YKQ


TIMING: 18:30 - 21:00

REGISTRATION: Contact Dominique at dominique.vandenbrande@wellnessradio.be.