Workshop: Becoming a Being Leader, The Netherlands

Date: 25-9-2014


As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves. 

(M.K. Gandhi)

Our quest for the ultimate leader continues. Organizations, think tanks, business schools and leadership institutes are constantly on the lookout for traits that make the ultimate leader. Millions are invested for research into leadership and analysis of case studies. We look into history and mythology to find clues to the next generation of leaders. Numerous leadership models and frameworks have been developed that drive leadership development within organizations.

Why this search?

Because great leaders generate great results. Great leaders build great communities, great societies and great companies. Great leaders bring purpose and meaning to the lives of those they lead. They are instrumental in turning around companies, in shaping the future of countries, in bringing transformational solutions to societies. They become the reference for future action.

Yet great leaders are difficult to find. We know legendary leaders from history and mythology. Yet, the consciousness expressed by those great leaders seem so impractical in the ‘real’ world. So we ignore them.

The ‘real’ world attracts action-oriented leaders who are good at driving people towards results. They relentlessly focus on peak performance. Productivity and performance motivate them. Yet, observation show that 90% of current leaders in business & politics operate from a lower consciousness. They are propelled by fear, guilt, shame or one of the numerous other lower emotions.

On the contrary, the legendary leaders have focused on peak experience; within themselves and within those around them. They focus on accessing an inner state that makes leadership natural and effortless. They automatically trigger great leadership qualities within those around them. Their subordinates are naturally drawn to action. One consequence of this peak experience is that it inspires whole populations to access greatness, it invigorates whole nations to stretch towards a new reality.

What can you expect this evening?

The experience of this evening will be informed by the speaker’s latest book, “The BEING Leader: Tracing the ‘inner path’ of legendary leaders”. During this evening we will not look at leadership frameworks, nor will we study any new leadership traits. We will not examine existing tool or discuss new tools. Instead we will examine;

  1. The elevated state that legendary leaders experienced. Some exercises will provide you with a real experience of the immense power contained in that state.
  2. The common path taken by legendary leaders to arrive at the elevated state that they operated from. The legendary leaders have all taken a common path, and this path is available to each one of us. How we can model our lives along a similar path and how we can own the state will be a subject of that examination. We will also engage in some brief exercises to ground this ‘state’.


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Welcome: 18:30 
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End: 22.00 
Reception: 22.00 

Date: Thursday 25 September 2014 - 19:00 to 22:00
Price: € 119,79 incl. 21% btw(€ 20,79)
Location: Landgoed De Horst, Horst 1, Driebergen, The Netherlands