Sujith Ravindran guest speaker at Banyen Books & Sound, Vancouver. "THE COSMIC DANCE OF SHIVA & SHAKTI"

Date: 21-5-2015

"THE COSMIC DANCE OF SHIVA AND SHAKTI: Know who you are being in your relationships"

Every fulfilling engagement between men and women is driven by the play between our sacred masculine and feminine. Once we have that intuitive understanding of who we really are as man and woman, all our relationships become wonder-filled. They become joyful, synergistic, and turn into a dance. During this evening, Sujith will expose some secret ingredients of the masculine and the feminine from the ancient Indian teachings. These ingredients offer you a bridge to the many challenges that we experience in everyday life and in relationships. You will leave convinced that you are capable of choosing your relationships in every aspect of your life. 

Where: Banyen Books & Sound, Vancovuer

When: 630pm-8pm

Cost: FREE