Date: 4-6-2015


THE WAY OF ABUNDANCE (June 4th, 7pm – 08:30pm, Unity at Oak)

For many of us, the pursuit of abundance becomes a laborious lifelong journey. It consumes our whole life, often at the expense of family, friends and love. At the end of their lives, some regret that they missed out on their important dreams in pursuit of abundance.  Some among us have attained material abundance after decades of heavy effort only to realize that they feel empty and discontent. Yet others are diagnosed with life-threatening illness due to stress and lack of self-care.

Is there another way to abundance?

What we can learn from the sages is that there is an effortless path to abundance inside - and as a result - around us. This is what Sujith will present during this practical evening. Sujith will introduce you to one exercise and one practice that will lay out the simple, effortless, transformative pathway to abundance. In his typical light-hearted and simple style, Sujith will take complex truths and break them down into enjoyable practices.
At the end of this evening you will;
-          Understand that your abundance is within your control
-          Be able to turn upsets into setups
-          Know how to effortlessly step into the energy of abundance
-          Take home a simple practice that will help you continue in the pathway to abundance

Sujith Ravindran is a bestselling author and master of the spiritual sciences of India. He assists individuals and groups in personal mastery and inner leadership, and is a guide to many leaders in business and politics. For his work on facilitating personal growth in Italy, in 2012 he was conferred the honour of Ambassador of Peace. Sujith has a realistic and light-hearted outlook on life and shares his teachings in an eloquent but down-to-earth way. Men and women from across three continents are thankful to Sujith for his teachings and wisdom. www.sujithravindran.com