EVENING TALK: The 7 spiritual laws of abundance, Geetbets, BELGIUM

Date: 10-11-2015

With MannenWerk Vzw we are greatfull and honoured to welcome Sujith Ravindran for this inspirational evening seminar for men and women.

"More and more people are listening to their calling. Like never before, they are deserting organizations in order to follow their passions. They are giving up a life of certainty & security, and are going for a life of purpose and meaning. Many today step out of their relationships because their relationships do not support their passion.

Yet, their material life does not reflect the same inner abundance that they experience. They struggle to pay their bills and feel limited to follow their hearts due to their material limitations. Unfortunately most individual’s noble intentions only trap them in a life of toil.

During this evening, Sujith will expose some sacred wisdom from the Indian masters on how to shape a life that will draw ‘outer’ abundance towards you."

MORE INFO & REGISTRATIONhttp://mannenwerk.be/wp/event/avondlezing-voor-mv-met-sujith-ravindran/?instance_id=9

WHEREHeerlijckyt van ElsmerenWeg op Halen 2, 3450 Geetbets

10 November at 20:00–23:00