Date: 19-12-2015



CALLING MEN who long to grow in their inner leadership! (Please pass this invitation on to men you know)

We are thrilled to announce an exciting PASSAGE OF PERSONAL MASTERY for men!


Sujith Ravindran – author of ‘The BEING Leader’ and the bestseller ‘Mature Masculinity’ - assists individuals and groups in personal mastery and inner leadership, and is a guide to many leaders in business and politics. His work spans organizations and individuals across twelve countries in North America, Europe and Asia. For his work on facilitating personal growth in Italy, in 2012 he was conferred the honour of AMBASSADOR OF PEACE.

Once every year, Sujith offers this transformative programme of inner mastery in North America and Europe. For the 2nd time, he is bringing this programme back to India. This programme follows the true practices undertaken by the ancient sages, practices which are not exposed to the uninitiated. Individuals from 3 continents (including countless business and political leaders) have undertaken this ‘rite-of-passage’.
Sujith has a realistic and light-hearted outlook on life and shares his teachings in an eloquent but down-to-earth way. To know more about Sujith and his work, visit www.sujithravindran.com and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7gPIjBgRLc&feature=related

""""When I consider the impact that Sujith's men's pilgrimage has had on me and my ability to hold space for myself and my team, the word that comes to mind is--Pivotal.

Working with Sujith on the areas of personal mastery and mature masculinity at first glance seemed disconnected from my role as a corporate leader to me. After working through substantial work, processes, and practices I have seen a deep connection between these areas of my life.

My ability to lead from my inner world by being aware and present has been greatly supported by working with Sujith. The ripple affect on my team is that they too now have been able to tap into deeper resourcefulness, inspiration, and deeper levels of service--professionally and personally.

As we know outer leadership starts with inner leadership first. The work that I have been privileged to be a part of with Sujith has helped me to lead from the inside out-- with my customers, my employees, my vendors, and with my daughters. 

I am deeply grateful for my experiences with Sujith."""""

Trace H, 
Business Director

""""""The passage to personal mastery walk has truly enriched me spiritually and mentally. I feel more connected with my inner conscientiousness, and a lot more aware of my being. The intense physical and mental practices at the program has changed the way I look at life forever. My wife tells me I appear to be calmer and more composed, and i feel more confident to work towards my true calling in life. I would not hesitate recommending Sujiths and his events to anyone seeking a life hack for happier existence"""""


Deep within, each man aspires to stand in his FULL STRENGTH and express his IMMENSE POTENTIAL in all aspects of life. Many of us long to be a GREAT PRESENCE and an AWE-INSPIRING FORCE in the world we live in.
Yet our daily life distracts us from our natural pursuit of this greatness. Our life objectives have become misplaced through our training, and our way-of-life is ill-conceived through our upbringing. And this dilutes our vital energy and life-force that elevates us into our inner might.
We are each born with a purpose waiting to be lived. And when we gain clarity of that purpose, we suddenly feel liberated and light. All the world conspires to keep us on purpose.
Through INITIATION, we come closer to clarity of purpose. Initiation liberates us to operate from the immense power of the ‘true nature’ hidden within us. However, for men, accessing that ‘true nature’ involves stepping beyond our limitations and comfort…..into the unknown. In this choiceful place of not knowing, we will find the seeds that will grow beyond our limitations and victimhood.

This is what we achieve in this passage.

We have learned from the great sages that we must take the time to revitalize ourselves, reaffirm our life-standards and regain clarity of purpose. Sages recognize two prerequisites to such a vitalizing passage;

This event is not like any other pilgrimages; a simple walk to a holy destination. There will be fun in this walk, but this walk is neither a recreational hike filled with a passing parade of sensorial delights.

This programme is a life-transforming personal growth event filled with practices, processes, exercises, rituals and ceremonies. IT IS NOT AT ALL RELIGIOUS, so people of all denominations are welcome.

THE PARTICIPANTS WILL BE CAREFULLY CHOSEN BY SUJITH [the criteria for joining will not be determined by class or creed, instead by the readiness of the participant to step into his greatest inner might]. The physical rigour of the pilgrimage will be insignificant compared to the rigours of inner work.



"The ultimate leadership programme, beyond anything that a business school or a management development programme can deliver"
During those 8 days, we will penetrate our limits and set ourselves into the uncertain. We will leave the comfort of the old shores and head into the turbulence of the rough seas. In that voyage, we will set and reinforce some sacred standards for our lives, and we will--lovingly and constantly--hold each other to these standards. We will interact with the elements of nature and participate in a set of exercises and rituals that will expand our inner wisdom, open our eyes to our relational dysfunctions, awaken our muted inner voice and free us from some of the past conditioning that control our lives. We will also do a number of rituals and self-attunement practices that will initiate us to our mature selves, free from attachments. 

When you return from these 8 days, you will be filled with this amazing inner power that guides you through your relationships and choices.
We will walk a modest distance each day, and from early morning until late we will engage in practice. The starting and ending points are the same; the town of Barkal (near Vadodara). We will walk along one coast of Narmada for 4 days and return along the other coast (do a parikrama). Along the way, we will stay with local families or refuges of little means. We will eat local preparation, healthy and hygienic, but minimal. All the logistics are arranged, including pick up from Vadodara airport or railway station.

Location: Narmada river, Gujarat, INDIA
Dates: 12th – 19th December, 2015
Number of participants: 12 [participants will be taken on a first-come-first-serve basis].

The programme is offered on a ‘COST + DONATION’ basis [the participants will cover their share of accommodation, food & other necessities]. The costs/participant are estimated to vary between INR6000 & INR7200 (most of which will go to the local villagers).


REGISTRATION: https://docs.google.com/


CALLING MEN who long to grow in their inner leadership! (Please pass this invitation on to men you know)

If you know men who can from the professional or public sphere (business, politics, NGOs, Public Service....or any walk of life), please pass on this invitation to them. We would like to hear from them.

Only 12 men are taken. Participants will be taken on a first-come-first-serve basis.

A week before the start, the final logistics will be shared with you.