Human Potential Summit, AUCKLAND, New Zealand

Date: 16-2-2016

* Only 13% of workforce is actively engaged in their work
* 87% of companies across the globe cite “culture and engagement” as the most important issue they face, with more than half the companies citing the matter as urgent
* 82% of executives believe their organizations are not able to genuinely sustain a positive organizational culture

Now, what if, each and every employee in an organization feels engaged and part of something meaningful? Imagine the innovative breakthroughs this would lead to. Findings show that such a culture could easily produce earnings 300% higher than companies where talent is disengaged.

Interested to know more? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzRvw_2a7uSWaTFEbEFMNW9hd00/view?usp=sharing