Sujith Ravindran @ Banyen Books & Sound, Vancouver. "THE COSMIC DANCE OF SHIVA & SHAKTI: How the Sacred Masculine & the Sacred Feminine dance the perfect tune in relationships"

Date: 15-5-2016



How the Sacred Masculine & the Sacred Feminine dance the perfect tune in relationships"


Every fulfilling engagement between men and women is driven by the play between the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine within each one of us. Once we have that intuitive understanding of who we really are as man and woman, all our relationships become wonder-filled. They become joyful, synergistic, and turn into a dance.
During this evening, Sujith will expose some secret ingredients of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine as known for ages in the wisdom traditions. These ingredients offer you a bridge to the many challenges that we experience in everyday life and in relationships. You will leave convinced that you are capable of choosing your relationships in every aspect of your life. 

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Sujith Ravindran is a global bestselling author of 'MATURE MASCULINITY: Man's Inner Essence' and a master of the spiritual sciences of India. Under various titles and languages this book has sold over 250,000 hard copies alone. Based on the secrets in this book, Sujith facilitates many men's initiations, retreats and men's festivals across Europe, Asia and North America each year. He is back in Vancouver in Spring. 

He assists individuals and groups in personal mastery and inner leadership, and is a spiritual guide to many leaders in business and politics across North America, Europe and India.

For his work on facilitating personal growth in Italy, in 2012 he was conferred the honour of AMBASSADOR OF PEACE in Italy. Sujith has a realistic and light-hearted outlook on life and shares his teachings in an eloquent but down-to-earth way.

Watch a video of Sujith here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjGMXFw3YKQ

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Where: Banyen Books & Sound, Vancouver

When: 11:15am - 1:00pm

Cost: FREE