Date: 26-3-2011

Join the PATHFINDER RETREAT workshop in Keeken, Germany (Dutch-German border).
Within every human heart lie jewels of limitless peace, profound bliss to the whole of life and the experience of boundless love. Yet most of us live in disconnection to this that is naturally at our core.

The PATHFINDER RETREAT is an intense and intimate weekend workshop that is dedicated to awaken you to what you truly are underneath the stories, habits and fearful patterns of conditioning, so you can meet the challenges of life from true essence of being. The workshop will go into the very depths of each individual to amplify the voice of the intuition which is all-knowing and has all the answers that serve every individual. The participants will be gently supported in taking their truths and insights back into their regular lives and apply them and live them in their truest joy as independent individuals (without being dependent upon the coaches).

The ancient non-dual teachings together with the energetic processes will help you to integrate the many timeless truths of our human existence. Ancient teachers have developed practices and exercises of Self-development, which encourage the direct realization of our true nature as eternal love, consciousness and bliss, and our highest life purpose (dharma) as living in alignment and rejoicing. This is what the workshop will uncover within you.

The outline of the two days will be as follows;

Only 11 participants are permitted in each workshop, and they will be served by two coaches during the entire weekend.

For some of the experiences from past participants, please click here.
(This event includes accommodation as well)

Address: Kleverstrasse 115, 47533 Kleve-Keeken, Germany ( on the Dutch-German border)


Fee:  €395/ person (including accommodation for the Saturday night, food and refreshments)

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